Houghton Estate, Norfolk 19


Houghton festival, Houghton Estate, Norfolk 19

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At one with the other

At one with the other

Steel, iron sheets from a 1940’s water tank, chains, flint

300 x 120 x 120 cm

This piece was created to show at 2019’s Houghton Festival, however due to extreme weather forecasts the event had to be cancelled. Unfortunately saying goodbye to this years celebrations was the only decision they could make. It was tragic to see so many months of work and dedication from the team be dismantled before it could be appreciated.

Coming together for the festival is a special opportunity to share creatively, cross paths and find new ones. “At one with the other” was created in response to the energy of the festival, the grounds of the estate and the surrounding area.

The story of materials reveal the infinite possibilities that come from the collisions of knowledge and circumstance that weave our lives together. The flint stone walls seen throughout the Norfolk countryside, hint at an ancient past. Flint is one of the first materials humanity used to craft tools, setting in motion a path of perpetual discovery. Each development changes the parameters of our lives and in turn alters our state of being. Flint is symbolic of this transitionary state.

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Layers of history

Layers of history

I have been working with Nick at Hollington Forge since the first Houghton in 2017. He has always been the best teacher and as a skilled craftsman has inspired me to fully explore each piece. Tucked away in his workshop where these iron sheets from an old 1940’s water tank. He salvaged them from his uncles garden and it was an honour to use them for this piece. At almost 80 years old, each has it’s own unique patina. Now the sheets will continue age in their new environment, taking on a life within the forest.

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The Quarry

The Quarry

“The Quarry” is one of Houghton’s many distinct stages, each designed to the features of the environment. Whilst working on the Quarry stage this year they unearthed this treasure, a huge rock of flint, measuring approximately 60 x 40cm. The flint touches upon the history of the area whilst celebrating the contemporary activity of the festival.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you to my mum Helena Beard, for joining me on the build, without her hard-work and tenacity it would not be possible. Nick at Hollington Forge for his skill and patience. Mark Stockill and Manuel Ramos for their assistance along the way. The Houghton Estate - in particular Stuart and Paul for uncovering the flint and the fabulous crew at Houghton Festival.